Pet Daycare Services

Leaving your pet behind while you go away for business or leisure is always tricky, no matter how often you have to do it. At Westwood Regional Veterinary Hospital, we offer the Affinity Suites™ luxury pet daycare services, so pet parents like you! feel confident that their family member is in good hands. So what makes Affinity Suites™ daycare services at our Westwood practice so unique?

Individualized Care & Comfortable Amenities  

  • Daycare services for Many Types of Pets
  • Clean Luxurious Accommodations
  • Caring and Loving Staff

In addition to cats and dogs, we offer daycare for all small animals, including guinea pigs, birds, bearded dragons, and snakes. So every pet parents can rest assured that their pet has a safe place to stay while away.

We offer luxury suites and services for your pet at an affordable rate. In addition to our spacious suites, your pet can enjoy our atrium run and rooftop garden during their stay. We also provide 24-hour monitoring and specialty care for pets who need extra attention.

Our Affinity Suites team is available around the clock, and we have 24-hour veterinarian services on-site. 

How to Schedule Daycare For your pets.

Call us at 201-885-5040 or request a visit online as soon as possible to ensure we have a vacancy. Choose an experience that works for your pet. For example, we have different kennels available to meet diverse needs.
If your pet needs special attention during feeding or other daily routines, let our staff know and our highly trained team members will be happy to accommodate these requests.
Unlike other pet sitters, we are available overnight and 24/7, so you can drop off your pet on a schedule that works for you. During their stay at our pet lodge, we have several ways for you to stay in touch with them including video conferencing.


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